Welcome to The Finance Club!

We are here to share our experiences, network and learn from each other.Currently there are more than 2000 members. We connect industry executives and investment executives via invite-only events.

The Finance Club connects leading mid-cap and large-cap industry executives (CEO, CFO, COO) with investment executives (venture capital, private equity, M&A, LevFin) via invite-only events for generating deals and exchanging experiences. This helps to optimize the current business and prepare for future growth.

How do I become a member?

To join simply send an e-mail with subject line “Registration for The Finance Club ” along with your details with respect to name, designation, company name, location, emailid and contact no to register@thefinanceclub.net

Recent Work

Exchanging experience:

  • Developing innovative products and processes
  • Understanding current and future market trends
  • Realising value through acquisitions
  • Improving financial reporting and related processes
  • Defining and optimizing corporate strategy

Generating deals:

  • Initiating deals related to co-operations
  • Product sales through intra- and inter-industry networking
  • Buying and selling a company
  • Raising capital

Benefits of becoming a member

The Finance Club provides a platform for:

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